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Advanced And Integrated Services

We furnish web solutions which are more user-friendly, interactive and dynamic to give you the best Return on Investment (Best ROI)

Customized Services

Everything you need to help your business

Website Design

... sophisticated and visual appealing websites.

Web Apps

Web apps that provide solutions to real life problem.


secure, fast and real time database solutions.

UI Design

visual and design imperative User Interface design.

Mobile App

Interactive and adaptive mobile application design.

Desktop Apps

Best solution for desktop application for all OS.


On-page and off page Search Engine optimizatiojn.

Product Design

Professional General Branding and Product Design.


They Trust Us

Craft Information Technology Services is an Agency with a specialization in developing revolutionary technological solutions that resonate with our clients’ vision.

Ready To Beat A Giant?

[ gi·ant ] /ˈjīənt/ : a very large company or organization.

Ready To Beat A Giant?

Acedevs provides meaningful IT Consultation services and innovative solutions to help clients use managed technologies to enable their business as a trusted advisor.

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