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Abdulrasaq Abiodun

Full Stack Software Developer

I’m an enthusiastic graduate of Physics Science from the University of Ilorin, Ilorin, Nigeria with over 5 years of experience in Full-Stack Development and software development.

Meanwhile, I have wide and in-depth knowledge of PHP, Javascript, Bootstrap, Jquery, and MySQL among others.

Whereas, I have developed Diagnostic Management Software that is in use by over 10 facilities in Nigeria.

I am the team lead for the Medical and Hospital Records System which has the ability to support any kind of medical facility either a Diagnostic center, hospital, clinic, or pharmacy with modules for Salary Payment, Invoice and billing systems among others.

Whereas I also have deep knowledge of Graphic Design with a lot of experience in Newspaper and Magazine Design, Banner design, and complimentary card design this is experience gathered over years of working with big media organizations including The Herald Newspapers in Ilorin.

To mention a few, I have vast knowledge and understanding of UI Design, especially using Figma and Adobe XD. I have designed some interfaces and software using this software.

I am also the lead developer for a Live Golf Tournament Application hosted on

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